CAT 320F 

The tough build and economical running costs make the 320F L an excellent choice for productivity and cost control.

Flannery Added Value & Options

  • Quick Coupler

    Our quick couplers are designed to facilitate the easy changeover of standard buckets and work tools. The Miller Mate in cab touchscreen provides a step-by-step process for the operator and combines with the Coupler Alert Safety System (CASS). CASS is an audio and visual alert, which ensures that the excavator operator and ground personnel are fully aware that attachment changeover is occurring.

  • White Noise Movement Alarm

    The white sound emitted is directional and therefore instantly locatable, enabling pedestrians to work out exactly which vehicle is moving and in which direction, allowing them to move to safety.

  • Green Beacon

    Flannery visual seat belt engagement green beacons are hard wired and also act as a secondary dead-man device so that the machine will not operate if the seat belt has not been fastened.

  • 360 Camera

    Our innovative systems utilise wide angled cameras, secured to each side of the machine. The images are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor in the cab. This ensures the operator can see hazards all around the machine.

Able to perform on a variety of applications the 320F L is smooth to operate, has a Heavy Lift function to optimise power and a safe, comfortable cab environment for the operator. The constant engine speed control functionality manages pump and RPM to maximise fuel efficiency, and Cat Connect technology helps monitor machine diagnostics and productivity.


The quiet, comfortable cab is ROPS certified to protect the operator on site, and slipping and tripping hazards are minimised by the high visibility handrails, anti-skid plates and countersunk bolts.


The high-pressure fuel system with high pressure pump and injectors are made for long term durability and reliability.


Ready for today’s project needs, the C4.4 ACERT EU Stage IV emissions compliant engine is fuel efficient and powerful, contributing to the 320 F L’s low running costs and great productivity.

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