Automatic engine speed control lowers the RPM of the 374F based on load, and three manually changeable power modes both actively contribute to minimising fuel consumption. Various CAT technologies help manage critical machine information and productivity readings to assist with project profitability. These features, combined with the safe and comfortable operator cab environment, make the 374F a valuable asset to any plant requirement in more ways than one.


The 374F benefits from 360-cameras that provide excellent operator visibility, enhancing safety on site. The cab has anti-skid plates, and guard rails enable safe climbing to the upper deck.


CAT Grade technology provides real-time cut and fill information to help the operator create grades and slopes accurately, and in good time.


The C15 engine on the 374F is EU Stage IV emissions standards compliant, and the Cat electro-hydraulic system consumes less energy than other excavators without compromising production.

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