Heavy duty 25 tonne articulated dump truck providing the reliability and performance supported by the leading equipment manufacturer. Provided with automatic traction control leading to optimum traction in all conditions.


The low sloping hood and placement of the cooling package behind the cab give the operator excellent all-around visibility. The large glass area and central operator position also provide excellent visibility. Fitted as standard with an inclinometer which stops the skip tipping and lowers it if the truck isn’t positioned at a safe angle. Eliminating the risk of skips turning over.


Automatic traction control provided optimum traction reducing tyre and driveline wear and improved truck performance.


Multiple injection fuel delivery involves a high degree of
precision. Precisely shaping the combustion cycle lowers combustion chamber temperatures, generating fewer emissions and optimizing fuel combustion. This translates
into more work output for your fuel cost. Using Flannery telematic system we can gain performance and fuel data enabling better asset control and ensuring optimum fuel consumption.

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