Enhanced compaction performance due to more weight at the drum and greater amplitude. Automated propel and vibratory system functions make it easy to ensure consistent, high quality.


Safety functions include Electronic Drive Control with a “quick brake” function, which shortens braking distances if the lever is moved very fast, and a tilt indicator. Loss of traction, even in the toughest conditions, is swiftly counteracted by an easy-to use toggling gear shifting system, or with an anti-spin system.


World-class propel system built around the exclusive Cat dual pump propel system, two pumps provide separate dedicated flow to drum drive motor and rear axle motor for exceptional gradeability and traction in forward and reverse. New electronic propel control enables more precise machine control. Talk to us about on-board compaction measurement to help take guesswork out of the process.


Eco-mode as standard keeps rpm, fuel consumption while the enhanced weight distribution and amplitude reduces the number of passes required.

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