The CAT CS78B features a smooth drum and is ideally suited for granular soil applications. Enhanced compaction performance due to more weight at the drum and greater amplitude. Automated propel and vibratory system functions make it easy to ensure consistent, high quality.


Excellent visibility is enhanced with larger mirrors and the 360-degree camera support operates as they manage the people plant interface. While the white noise reverse alarm helps other workers onsite.


The exclusive CAT dual pump propel system provides steady hydraulic flow for unmatched gradeability and blade function and now has been enhanced with electronic control for even better performance. The dual pump propel system provides separate hydraulic flow to the rear wheels and the drum for exceptional tractive effort in thick lifts, soft underfoot conditions or steep slope applications and allows for superior control on a grade in forward and reverse.


The CS78B vibratory soil compactor is equipped with eco-mode, a function which helps to economize the use of fuel. When the machine idles for a predetermined amount of time, eco-mode is engaged, and the engine rpm is lowered. When the propel is engaged, higher engine speeds resume. For certain applications, eco-mode can be engaged to operate the engine at lower rpm than normal. The lower engine speed results in less fuel burn. Eco-mode can also be programmed to shut down the engine entirely after a user-defined amount of time.

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