The Queen Cab is designed to optimize operator comfort by operating ample interior space and all the comforts required for continuous use. With the proportional hydraulic control Joystick, all hydraulic functions can be safely controlled, even in difficult working conditions.

The interactive colour display provides the operator with all the necessary information for machine operation and control diagnostics. Lastly, the controls on the steering wheel and seat are ergonomically arranged for comfortable driving and precise movements.


The centrepiece is the 45 kW/h, 435 V high-voltage lithium-ion battery that powers two electric motors, 51 KW for transmission and 23 kW for lifting. Power is delivered only when required, avoiding waste of energy and further extending battery life.

Thanks to this extraordinary power, the performance of the new Big Range of Full Electrics is in no way inferior to that of the diesel engine versions. In fact, the optimized management of the transmission allows a peak traction force of 44.3 KN and the maximum speed is 25 km/h, managed by a two-speed gearbox.


The zero CO2 emissions nature of these impressive machines allow them to be used in closed environments, such as warehouses, logistics areas, shopping centres, factories, railway stations, power stations and much more, improving the level of comfort and safety in the working environment.

The benefit of a reduced noise level allows it to operate in environments and workplaces, where the use of ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) powered machines is not viable.

Universal Charge

Battery charging has never been easier. The onboard system allows batteries to be recharged with maximum flexibility, thanks to a single plug-in interface on the machine and a free choice of power supply: 220V single-phase, 400V three-phase and an optional fast charging station that enables users the ability to charge quickly while having a break during the working day. The Wallbox is supplied as standard.

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