With its Stage IV engine delivering a 6% more efficient drive capacity than the model before. The CO2 emissions have been reduced in line with the newer, more efficient engine, but not compromising on power. It delivers an increased 5% load capacity without the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter with this engine model. Improved comfort, design and in cab controls, makes this machine a choice for anyone who wants productivity, safety and comfort.


Full 360 vision camera can be fitted alongside the reversing camera. Heavy-duty axle Hitachi axles are renowned for high performance and durability – ideal for working on demanding job sites where safety is first followed closely by performance. Quick attachment change function to keep people plant interface to a minimum.


As a result of dual drive modes, the ZW250 delivers improved fuel efficiency alongside increased productivity. The water-cooled turbo engine delivers immediate power and control, but no compromise on the fuel efficiency and CO2 reductions.


A muffler filter captures air pollutants, which are automatically burnt thanks to an oxidation catalyst and exhaust temperature control.

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