The Stage IV Final emissions standard engine and advanced hydraulic control technology both contribute to making the PC138US-11 a highly fuel-efficient, compact excavator. This in no way reduces its power and productivity. The large displacement hydraulic implement pumps and six different working modes mean the operator can match power to application and apply energy exactly where it’s needed most.


The cab is designed to meet ROPS and Level 1 OPG, and Top Guard standards. It has a 360-view monitoring system to help with on-site safety and a cab damper mounting to reduce unwanted vibration.


The Komatsu advanced machine telematics and diagnostics now have a function where each operator can be identified, and their individual performance status analysed alongside the machine readings.


Ecology guidance can be shared directly with the operator through the cab’s monitor to help them control it for better fuel economy. The engine is Stage IV Final compliant and has a heavy duty after treatment system to reduce NOx emissions.

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