Responsive power and control modes, high-tech IT diagnostic and productivity reporting, and a steady focus on operator comfort and safety are just a few of the areas where the PC700LC-11 asserts itself in any plant requirement. It is rugged and reliable, with an undercarriage specifically designed to cope with heavy duty applications and has a highly durable boom and arm construction.


Operator safety is paramount and there are numerous features on the PC700LC-11, from thermal guards around high temperature areas of the engine to machine safety-zone visibility, that support the highest industry standards. Combined with Flannery specified hi-visibility handrails and 360-view cameras these machines promote the highest standards of site safety.


Advanced telematics capability allows the operator to track and analyse machine status, location and productivity, and make decisions to further improve fuel efficiency.


The EU Stage V compliant engine is highly productive with ultra-low emissions. NOx is broken down using Selective Catalytic Reduction, and the heavy-duty High Pressure Common Rail fuel injection system delivers very low exhaust emissions.

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