Along with its compact size, the PW148-11 features unrivalled lifting performance. The combination of power, weight distribution, convenient dimensions and complete control makes it the top choice for heavy-duty lifting applications, featuring a tier 4 engine, this impressive machine also reduces fuel consumption by up to 13% with its 6no different working modes.


With a safety-first approach this machine comprises of check valves, audible travel alarms, green seatbelt dead man switch. We can also offer height and slew restrictors and many more additional safety options are available. Fitted as standard with the Miller mate CASS quick hitch system the PW118 from Flannery’s is unrivalled in its class.


The Komatsu PW148-11 features an operational concept that puts full control of the machine right at the operator’s fingertips. For fast and safe tool changes without leaving the cab, the settings for oil flow and pressure of up to 15 hydraulic attachments are available as pre-sets directly on the monitor panel. Komatsu Integrated Attachment Control (KIAC) includes adjustments for the first and second (optional) hydraulic circuits.


Fuel consumption on the PW148-11 is lower by up to 13%. The variable speed matching of the engine and hydraulic pumps guarantee efficiency and precision during single and combined movements. A viscous clutch enables variable cooling fan speed to further reduce fuel consumption. An Eco-gauge and the Eco guidance tips on the cab monitor further encourage efficient operations.

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