Leading the way in our mid to large range of shovels, the Volvo gives driver comfort and with impressive width, height and length ratio, you will be sure to be productive and efficient with this machine. With a range of material handling attachments applications from log hauling, stone processing and material handling, it delivers all of these with easy. A redesigned cab ensures good all-round visibility, and leading load height and lift capacity.


With fully ROPS and FOPS cab this machine also has high visibility handrails to make accessing the machine as safe as possible.


Air filtered cab and electrohydraulic service controls make for a productive operator environment while the CareTrackĀ® telematics feed directly to the Flannery telematics dashboard.


Uniquely designed by Volvo, the eco pedal encourages economical operation, by applying a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator.

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