This excellent product from Wacker Neuson has a Stage 5 final stage engine without a DPF filter but does not compromise on performance, it boasts supreme off-road capabilities and works well on gradients. Operators are key to any site and with increased operator comfort the DW30’s hydrostatic all-wheel drive system offers excellent performance and offers the operator maximum reassurance to get the job done along with many additional safety features which helps maximise productivity onsite and keep your workforce safe.


Wacker Neuson offers class leading technology and build quality, twice as long service intervals help maximise productivity onsite and minimise downtime, the intuitive joystick concept gives operators convenience and comfort. The articulated pendulum joint adapts to any unevenness and remains stable in any situation. In combination with the partially locked differential on the front axle, excellent off-road mobility is guaranteed.


The latest Stage 5 engine in the DW30 is now offering sustainability across the industry with increased fuel saving and reduced emissions without the need of a DPF filter and without compromising on performance, reduction on fuel and emissions is the way forward.


Safety is at the forefront of the Flannery business and we endeavour to offer as many safety features as possible on our products, this will include manufactures devices and then our own additional features, on the DW30 this will include hydrostatic all-wheel drive, automatic park brake, forward/rear facing cameras, white noise reversing alarm, VCAS, green dead-man seatbelt beacon, working lights and high vis steps and bio-degradable oils can be installed also.

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