Reporting Near Misses

A near miss is an event or situation that could have resulted in injury, damage or loss.

Reporting near misses can:

  • Improve workplace health and safety
  • Improve equipment and property maintenance
  • Identify additional training requirements
  • Remove, reduce and mitigate risks and hazards
  • Reduce the number of workplace accidents by recognising, and learning from underlying problems
  • Most importantly, save lives

We want to prevent accidents from occurring and a Near Miss report gives managers and supervisors the opportunity to investigate the circumstances and take prompt remedial action.

If you have an incident (including a near miss) or if you witness one, make sure it is reported promptly. A Near Miss needs to be reported in the same manner as an accident would in order to prevent further incidents occurring.

Scan QR code to access the OperateSAFE observation form online.OperateSAFE - Reporting QR Code

Alternatively: email or use Observation Cards located throughout the office & workshops

OperateSAFE Card

Safety Use of COSHH

Using or being exposed to hazardous substances without the proper controls in place can damage your health.

When using hazardous substances always:

  • Refer to the safe systems of work and control measures identified in the COSHH risk assessment provided and any instructions on the product label.
  • Wear the correct PPE and dispose contaminated PPE in the correct container.
  • Make sure you are properly trained before using any hazardous substance.
  • Always return hazardous substances to a secure location after use. Do not leave them on site.
  • Ensure all COSHH material is clearly labelled, and lids are screwed on after use.

COSHH Infographic

Maintaining an Exclusion Zone Around HGV

Recent HSE statistics show that, on average, approximately 7 workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant. A further 93 are seriously injured. Those accidents are avoidable.

Exclusion Zone around HGV and Plant. Keep your distance.

Your safety in depots and on site is priority.

You must keep out of the exclusion zone around vehicle and plant when they are loading / unloading / manoeuvring for your own safety.

Everyone is empowered to challenge non- compliance if they witness it.

If in doubt, ASK.

Stacking System

Flannery have adopted a new plant and vehicle support system within their workshops which consist of high-performance, stackable jacking blocks, designed to easily and safely assist with levelling heavy equipment and vehicles.

The system gives the flexibility to build to varying heights by stacking one block on top of the other. The systems are fully tested and certified by Lloyds British Ltd. By adopting this system, the need to use timber supports is eliminated.

Stacking System

Looking After Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

We can all take steps to improve and maintain our own mental health. Self-care is a skill that needs to be practised. It isn’t easy especially if we feel anxious, depressed, or low in self-esteem.

Try the below method for working on your wellbeing and mental health. Talk about your feelings

Talking about your feelings is part of taking charge of your wellbeing and doing what you can to stay healthy. Communicate in a way you’re comfortable. If you can’t speak face to face, try talking on a video or phone call. Maybe you prefer to write your feelings down in a letter, email or online chat.

Make sure there is someone you can talk with – partner, friends, and family. If you don’t feel comfortable – reach out to a colleague, Line Manager or Flannery Mental Health First Aider.

Please look out for the below topics in the upcoming monthly newsletters.

  1. Keep active
  2. Eat well
  3. Drink Sensibly
  4. Keep in touch
  5. Ask for help
  6. Take a break
  7. Do something you’re good at


Barry Gaffney

Barry Gaffney – 07760 754 212

Paul Beard

Paul Beard – 07341 731 855

Amalia Bercea

Amalia Bercea – 0208 900 9290 ext 168

Behind the Hard Hat Posters  The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity Helpline

Meet Our New Health and Safety Champions For June

David Foxall

Why do you think you have been nominated as a Health and Safety Champion?

The Health and Safety of myself and others is always a priority when completing any task at work.

A random fact about yourself?

Black belt in karate

You are happiest when?

The sun’s out

How will you be spending your Champion voucher?

I’ll buy something for the office

Your best day starts with…

Strong Cup of coffee

David Foxall

Andrew Maulkin

Why do you think you have been nominated as a Health and Safety Champion?

I think it is important to keep the depot safe and tidy with machines and attachments ready for hire. The storage of attachments is also important so they are kept tidy at all times and can be retrieved from the storage areas with safe access to them.

A random fact about yourself?

In my spare time I like to fix up cars and motorbikes getting them back into pristine condition

You are happiest when?

When I have free time with my little one.

How will you be spending your Champion voucher?

It will be nice to spend the voucher on toys for my little one

Your best day starts with?

A good day with good weather and banter with work colleagues

Andrew Maulkin

Shout out to Paul Mason

We’d like to take a minute to thank operator Paul Mason for his brave actions recently in helping a member of the public with an incident that had the potential to result in significant harm to an individual in distress.

Shout out to Ionel Medeleanu

Ionel has received some fantastic feedback for being a ‘good driver, safe, very helpful and a pleasure to work with – nothing too much trouble for him.’

We’ll be sending these operators out an Amazon voucher to say thanks!