Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

The Flannery OperateSAFE and Never Harm initiative is a set of beliefs that focuses on the mind when undertaking tasks that have adherent risks. As well as having safe systems of work to abide by such as Risk Assessments and Method Statements, we also have behaviours that form an essential part of out thought process when undertaking any task with work hazards.

The first exposure to the journey is the “The Flannery OperateSAFE and Never Harm initiative”.

It helps Creates common understanding. To allow you to focus on thinking safely to eliminate negative and replace with positive behaviour. It’s all about making the right choices.

The Flannery 5 Mind Tools

Alpha – the risk you are under when you day dream in untidy depots/workshops/sites or when operating plant machinery?

Habits – do you have good safety habits? Could they be better? “Am I wearing the correct PPE when undertaking tasks?”

Personal Risk Perception – Complacency, do you still see the danger? Or do you say: “It will never happen to me?”

Time vs Risk – How much risk are you prepared to take to save a minute of time: Is it worth it?

Communication – Do you have the courage to speak up and not walk on by risks & hazards ? When it comes to safety behaviour, it’s not what you say – it’s how you say it! Lead by positive example.

Click here to read more about  Mental Health Awareness week.

These are simple to follow thought processes (no paperwork required) that will keep you safe in and out of work. However, it’s not just about us the safety team, it’s about all of us. We want to hear your feedback, and one way of sharing feedback is using the Flannery OperateSAFE Observation/Feedback Cards. These cards enable us to:

  • Promote open and honest culture Feedback for anything HSE related, not just for negatives, for positives too
  • Improve and share best practices and lessons learned
  • Post outputs on menu holders & next additions of the Flannery OperateSAFE newsletters
  • Most importantly – show that staff are being listened to and their feedback is welcomed

Flannery Mental Health First Aiders:

Phil Williams – 07968 566 556
Tom Owen – 07793 244 396
Jacqui Heap – 07538 199 976
Paul Beard – 07341 731 855
Barry Gaffney – 07760 754 212
Siobhan Thornton – 07852 968 918