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NEW BLOG POST: Diversity in Construction


In honour of Women in Construction Week, our Marketing Associate Hanna Patapenka has written a blog on “Diversity in Construction”, to highlight how the construction sector is becoming more inclusive and how Flannery supports industry diversity.


Why do we need more women in construction? 


“The stereotype that construction is an ‘old-fashioned’ industry still persists. However, the industry is working hard to breakdown this stereotype and is proactive in the search for women to forge a sustainable career path. It is really important that the construction industry reflects a culture of open-mindedness, to allow hardworking, creative individuals who are committed to building back better with a positive attitude towards gender equality.


The shortage of labour in the industry presents an opportunity to hire even more women into construction jobs. As for me, being a part of the Flannery team, I am delighted to see how the construction sector is developing each day, with a strong emphasis on quality working environments, more digitalisation, improved management, more inclusive teams and much more.


What changes is the industry undergoing?


The proportion of women working in the construction sector has nearly tripled over the last 15 years. However, there is still much work to be done to fully include women in construction.


The national statistic says that only 12.8% of the construction workforce is made up of women, and no more than 1% of employees that work on-site are women. If we look at the younger generation, only 13% of women between the ages of 16 and 25 surveyed would even consider a career in the construction industry – let alone pursue one.


At the same time, although women are still underrepresented, they are making significant progress as leaders in the industry. A substantial part of women executives entered such roles in the last 5 years, suggesting the industry is inclined to promote women into supervising roles. This is excellent news and shows tangible progress.


What is our mission?


Committed to building an inclusive work environment, we proactively increase our efforts to encourage and educate women about the benefits of working in the industry. Our continuous mission here is to provide training and career opportunities for those who are thinking of joining the industry, breaking the stereotype and being a company where everyone can get the support they need.


Flannery proactively takes part in career events specific to the needs of women and encourages women in the industry to become role models for other women in the Flannery team.


Focusing on engagement through the education sector, we collaborate with schools and colleges on a permanent basis. We are committed to highlighting the value of apprenticeships and construction jobs for women and young girls so that they recognise can see the industry as a viable career path.

Find out more about Flannery apprenticeship programmes here


There are many ways how to contribute to industry standards, to provide a starting career platform for young female talents and to become a role model in the industry.


Together, the industry is taking bigger steps every day at becoming an even more buoyant and inclusive space for future generations where there is no place for labels.”