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Meet the Flannery Recruitment Team!

In the lead-up to the National Apprentice Week 2021, we are delighted to introduce you another group of Flannery busy bees. This team work hard every day to promote a variety of job opportunities we have available. This is the Flannery Recruitment team!

Always on the lookout for talented operators, it is particularly important for us to recruit and retain the best plant operatives to support our clients deliver the UK’s biggest construction and infrastructure projects. As well as to encourage new entrants into our fantastic industry.

We caught up with the Flannery recruitment team, Daniel, Sophie and Ramzi who are based in our Newport depot. Read on to find out what makes the team stand out and why Flannery is the right choice for anyone interested in a career in plant hire.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Daniel: Busy, Busy, Busy!

Sophie: My day consists of calling web registrations, responding to queries and job applications on Facebook, advertising jobs and searching for operators to do jobs across all offices.

Top-3 facts we should know about Flannery recruitment?

Daniel: Hardworking, knowledgeable and professional.


1.Newport depot is like a pen, small but mighty.

2. The plant industry is both a challenging and rewarding industry.

3.There is no other place like it!

Is there anything that makes the Flannery recruitment team stand out?

Sophie: We post adverts for the largest construction and infrastructure projects in the UK, which helps to find the best plant operators and drivers nationwide.

Ramzi: Flannery proactively develops younger operators and is always happy to provide training & qualifications to upskill our workforce.

What is the most important thing that Flannery look for when recruiting operators?

Daniel: Competency is key.

Sophie: Reliable, punctual, ready to deliver good service to our clients.

Ramzi: Recruiting plant operators is more like an art. On the hire desk we hold the brush. We are the artists and each day we look to paint a masterpiece, balancing operators’ skills and experience with the needs of our clients.

What have you found most challenging in your work?

Sophie: Getting hold of operators to finish registrations and getting them to send across documents to ensure we have all the correct details on them to recruit. It is really important we have all the information to progress applications and get operators on-site.

The biggest achievement of your job at Flannery?

Sophie: I am very proud of being promoted in the recruitment team.

Ramzi: Maintaining composure, especially when we are trying to support clients with tight deadlines, this always seems to happen to me late on Fridays!

And finally, what advice would you give to job seekers considering a career in the construction industry?

Daniel: This is a brilliant sector to work in!

Sophie: Be prepared to travel and be flexible in your approach to work, the opportunities are endless.

Ramzi: Providing you are reliable, true to your word, and willing to learn – construction is a great industry to join.

Want to join the Flannery team? Click here for more information on working at Flannery.