The CAT 730 Ejector has all the benefits of a CAT truck with added performance and safety of an ejector body

Flannery Added Value & Options

  • White Noise Movement Alarm

    The white sound emitted is directional and therefore instantly locatable, enabling pedestrians to work out exactly which vehicle is moving and in which direction, allowing them to move to safety.

  • Anti-tip Inclinometer

    Inclinometer Systems are designed to provide drivers of tipper vehicles with a warning before a vehicle overturns. These systems take the guesswork out of tipping and providing a clear indication of the vehicles angle before tipping takes place.

  • Green Beacon

    Flannery visual seat belt engagement green beacons are hard wired and also act as a secondary dead-man device so that the machine will not operate if the seat belt has not been fastened.

  • Hi-Viz Handrails

    Flannery introduced high visibility handrails and steps to support operators and engineers in gaining safe access to cabs and service points. They encourage three-points of contact and use of the correct steps / footplates.

The CAT 730 Ejector is the only ejector articulated dump truck in the marketplace with the ability to eject material on the move increasing site efficiency and also eliminating the risk of skips tipping over. It also can be used on projects with restricted headroom, such as overhead powerlines.


The ejector body eliminates the risk of raised skips hitting overhead obstructions. Ejecting the load without raising the body maintains machine stability, allowing load dispersal on inclines, side slopes and in very soft underfoot conditions especially
on landfill sites.


The ejector body provides safety, and productivity benefits and reduces operational costs through its ability to spread loads as it travels reducing the size of support equipment needed.


Increases operational speed as the truck can eject its load at speed rather than having to stop whilst it tips. Increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

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