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OperateSAFE: Meet our First Safety Champion

Every second month Flannery H&S team will nominate a Health & Safety Champion. This award will go to the individuals who demonstrate an excellent understanding of the OperateSAFE Golden Rules and show great collaboration with their peers and managers.

Today we are pleased to spotlight Declan, the Foreman from our Manchester depot as the First Flannery Health and Safety Champion who is helping to support a great safety-first culture in his everyday work.

We asked Declan a few questions about the importance of the safety approach and how he applies it in his work.

Why is safety important to you?

It is very important to me because no one wants to get injured or see a workmate injured, so having a team to look after makes my role in creating a safe environment even more important.

Why do you think you have been nominated as our Health and Safety Champion?

I would say it was for my continuous effort in making the workshop and yard safe for everyone and leading by example. I am very pleased with this award. I would like to thank my team who support me too.

Could you give us some examples of how you support the Flannery OperateSAFE program?

I speak to my team constantly throughout the day to make sure they have everything they need to do their job safely. Before any job is started, I will discuss what we are doing, how we are doing it and what dangers to look out for with the fitter. I also ensure all tasks being undertaken are done by people with the correct training.

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